Machine Learning

Machine Learning: It is the science of getting computers learn, without being explictly programmed.Interestng? Well, Yes, it is!

When you search on Google and Bing, you’re actually using Machine Learning. They use ML Algorithms to rank the webpages

When Facebook, Apple and Google Pictures recognize your friends in the pic, well, it’s Machine Learning.

You see your email app is sorting the spam messages out of your inbox, it has learnt what is not real emails you like, that’s Machine Learning.

So, Machine Learning is all about making computers do your tasks, they learn to do the stuffs mimicing your actions and behaviors. Scientists believe that building algorithms to learn to mimic how human brains work is the best way to achieve our AI Dream, Why did ML become so much pevalent today? It’s the part of grwoing work of Artificial Intellignece and it’s the most optimistic way to make computers learn from humans and do awesome stuffs themselves without being explictly programmed. There’s literally many applications of ML algorithms in many Silicon Valley Startups ranging from Biology, Physics and robotics.

Arthur Samuel in around 1960 wrote a checkers code and it learnt all about good and bad moves of playing the game, it later defeated Arthur himself, this was the game of AI, lol! well played bro!