Learnt out the Web Development for a Project | jQuery

  1. jQuery is the most popular tool of JavaScript of all time.

  2. <script>function()</script> is written above the HTML code and function() is included into the script tag.

  3. The code which is written inside function() is loaded as soon as we load the page.

  4. $(document).ready(function() {your code}); is the Syntax for DOCUMENT READY FUNCTION.

  5. All jQuery functions start with $ which is called Signed dollar operator or bling.

  6. To make something responsive, say Button needs to be bounced when the page is loaded then we write $("Button").addClass("animate bounce"); inside the DOCUMENT READY FUNCTION.

  7. To make something responsive, say Column needs to be shaked and animated then we call div class of that particular element inside our function.

  8. Classes are called by . and Ids are called by # or directly by type.

  9. A Class can also be removed using removeClass.

  10. The CSS of an HTML element can also be changed using css()function, Be it color, font etc.

  11. jQuery has a function called prop() which changes the property of non-CSS things from the elements.

  12. jQuery has text() to alter the text of an element and html() for adding tags to elements.

  13. .remove() helps in removing the complete HTML element.

  14. appendTo() is used to move the elements from one div to another div.

  15. clone().appendTo() is used to clone/copy the element from one div to another div.

  16. parent() function is used to access elements using parents and children() is vice-versa.