Data Science Illuminated

Data is now prevalent term, Let’s speak about it!.

Data Science is not an event, it’s a process in which we use data to understand the world. Data Science is when you have model, hypothesis of problems and using data you solve or make an insight! Data will lead you towards right path If you are roaming in a vain! Mathematics + Economics + Business + Computer Science = Data Science

It requires lot of curiosity, ability, dedication, analytical skills to be a Data Scientist! Data is everywhere be it any domain!

Cloud is the GodSend for a Data Scientist, You don’t need to worry about your Physical Machine’s limitations! Access the gazillions of datasets for a cheap price from anywhere in the world!

Experts suggest that the lack of deep skills has kept many Data Science jobs vacant, Wallmart has crowdsourced it due to analytical needs. SAP is still suffering the same thing!